Strange Saga of Fired Coaches in the NFL

The recent hiring of John Fox, former Carolina Panthers head coach by the Denver Broncos is a mystery. Fox was dismissed by the Panthers after recording a 2-14 record in 2010. Fox failed to have two consecutive winning seasons in his nine years with Carolina, and with the exception of a fluke trip to the Super Bowl seven years ago failed to get the Panthers into a contenders position while stubbornly refusing to play younger players until forced to do so by management in 2010.

How exactly do the Broncos believe that Fox is going to lift the 4-12 Broncos out of the cellar of the AFC West? How is Tim Tebow going to develop his skills as a quarterback under a coach who doesn’t like to use younger players in games?

Does John Elway believe that the Broncos can win by playing their oldest players using Fox’s outmoded offensive system? Can Fox’s defensive schemes, which allowed the most points in the NFC last season, suddenly work for the Broncos? How about those Carolina coaches Fox plans to bring to Denver, all of whom were also summarily dismissed by the Panthers at the end of this last season?

This strange hire leaves many questions. It could be years before the Broncos are contenders. Probably after a couple of 2-14 seasons under Fox, Broncos management believes that a Super Bowl will happen.

The decision process utilized by the Broncos brain trust is a real mystery. It will be interesting to watch the Broncos in 2011 as Fox walks the sidelines coaching his aged defense, while “old pro” Kyle Orton tries to be effective in Fox’s obsolete split backfield offense. Orton will spend a lot of time on his back from blitzes. Just watch Carolina’s game tapes from last year.

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